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August 1st, 1999:

    Web page published...nothing before than darkness

September 3rd:

Version 0.9.1:

    Software published, still a lot of things to do, but at least it works with some graphic programs ...

September 10th:

Version 0.9.2:

    new Release, support for ADF (automatic document feeder) added, some apps need this (although I never saw a camera with an ADF...), also tested with more applications

September 15th:

Version 0.9.3:

    Preview for Corona and Meteor2 added

December 16th:

Version 1.0.0:

  • new licence key mechanism
  • Look-Up-Tables (LUT) added for Meteor2
  • RGB and Y/C support for Meteor family added
  • some bug fixes for color format ( some app transfer images in several stripes, which resulted in an somehow scrambled image in y-dimension, some app need BGR to RGB conversion)

April 4th, 2000:

Version 1.0.1:

    there has been a bug with the detection of a Meteor2, because I used newer software than the customers

July 16th:

Version 1.0.2:

  • the release version now does a realtime “live” display in the preview window
  • a bug in transfer mode showed a displacement of the image, fixed
  • a bug in one color of the 256 grey value palette is fixed.

August 11th:

Version 1.0.4:

    new User interface, now the choice of having the preview window included in the UI (easier to handle) of as a separate window (easier to place somewhere on the screen)

June 16th, 2001:


    Orion frame grabber support added, Corona and Pulsar removed. Windows 2000 support for Meteor2 added. Supported operating systems are now Windows 98 SE, NT 4.0 and Windows2000

June 26th, 2001:


    Uups, TWAIN driver for old Meteor is wrong, behaves like Orion driver, fixed

January 2nd, 2005:


    after quite a while a new release to support Win XP and new grabber CronosPlus

February 2nd, 2005:


    fixed a problem in MilRuntime.zip, driver for Meteor2-std was not included

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